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Yo here comes ya' first volume of TRAP ATTACK, our daily or semi-daily, whatever the fuck you wanna call it, editions of the latest and hottest trapstep music you just have to check out. We're gonna bring it to you hard every time, so let's start things off with a heavy bass track from DJ Slink.

He's got a new track out today called Dirty Bass Girls. A very appropriate title considering the sample he uses at the beginning and the heavy bass drop first to come aboard. Definitely gotta give some love to the deep bass you hear throughout, as well as the snares added on top like cherry's on a sundae.

This next track comes from the mind of Nick Decay, who puts together a heavy bass and samples to come up with his original mix called Wish You Would. This one is pretty grimy throughout, with some flavor of dubstep added to the trippy snare, especially midway through the song. This one's pretty short and simple, but nicely done.

Now I'm sure you're prolly sick of all the god damn remixes of Mercy from ya' boy Kanye West, but we have another one here, sampling the song as well as a handful of others. This remix comes from Ayso, who puts the aforementioned song together with Hard In The Paint by Waka Flocka, certainly two songs who have had their fair share of slicing up and remixing. But this remix from Ayso is pretty sick itself, with an appropriate amount of snares to slice things up, as well as heavy bass-lines to drag things out across an atypical 3:51 minute mark. Don't let this beast keep you up at night.

DICE BEATS out of Chicago provides us with a remix of the song Hold The Line by Major Lazer, a track which already features a plentiful amount of remixes on the web. But DICE BEATS definitely does a classy job slowing down the DnB original for a much chiller remix which features spooky vocal samples from the original, as well as a bouncy beat to drive this one through ya' ear holes. While this one's a bit harder to dance to, it's surely an interesting remix deserving of some exposure, and that's what we're here for!

This original mix called Hood Cake by Leisure is a trippy trapstep jam to get your bass bumpin' hard. While this one is pretty short at only two and a half minutes, and gets fairly repetitive midway through, it still provides for a hard-hitting bass-line and sick synth-riff to lead this one down the rabbit hole. 

Mister Gray pulls through with a sick remix of songs from Kanye West x Jay-Z, and Luminox's work done on Bingo Players, to come up with his own little monster of a mix called Trap So Hard, an obvious play on words of the lead song, Niggas In Paris. While that song provides the flow of most of this remix, Mister Gray does a fancy job mixing Luminox's remix of the song Rattle by Bingo Players with the popular hip-hop jam, to give us a powerful 140.00 BPM jam which will easily tear through your woofers if you ain't got the stuff!

Latest euro-pop trapstep song you had the chance to rock out to? Probably wouldn't be able to name it, but now you can after listening to this next track. Remixing the 1986 song Brother Louie by the band Modern Talking, this man known as Ophex pulls out something truly original,completely re-working the euro-pop song his way, with sick work done around the 1:25 mark which is doubled up later in the song as he provides who breakdowns for a 3:51 timed jam.

We can move ahead a few years, taking things to 1994 with a remix of the worldwide hit done by the obscure project Corona, called The Rhythm of the Night, which was number one in Italy at its release for two months, as well as hitting number 11 on the U.S. Billboard charts in early 1995. But now this enigmatic eurodance song is back thanks to J-LAH with his trapstep remix of the song. This one plays fast at 140.00 BPM, but with a catchy bass-line, perhaps will reignite the world once again like the original did in '94-'95, although I wouldn't put much money on that happening...

The artist Viking Breakdance, who has possibly one of the coolest names I've heard in awhile, breaks down the song Bad Girls from M.I.A., and really slows it down with a chilled-vibe throughout most of the track, sponsored by a strong-bass to carry things through and the kinda synth you'd think to find in some hidden g-funk track on a bootleg Warren G mixtape. But I gotta say, I was never a fan of the M.I.A. original as much as her Paper Planes stuff, and Viking Breakdance is able to mold this track into something different and into something I certainly am enjoying. 

Contrary to what Viking Breakdance had put together above, this next track is MUCH more intense, starting off with a winding-synth to carry you through the entire song, which soon enough breaks off into a sick-ass remix of the song WRAP, from a collaboration between The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki. This mix is done personally by Soniye Muzick, a Spanish DJ who absolutely tears this remix apart. He turns things up with this remix of an already loud track, something quite different from his previously uploaded track, called TRVNCE IN THE TRVP, a chill combination of EDM and trapstep you should also check out!

Tom Wrecks is up next with a sick remix of the song Tenderly by Disclosure. While the original is already sicc as fucc, Tom Wrecks does well to trap this one up for a powerful remix at your whim. Things are fast, and pretty mellow all around, as this track shouldn't tear up your speakers too hard. But it's certainly a slippery one, with a nice combination of snare, synth, and bass to provide for a nice 3:48-long track.

Both artists Santi Junior and TNGHT come together for this trapstep remix of the song Cooking All Morning, originally by 2 Chainz & Jay Stonez. This time 'round, the DJ's through some high-pitched synth throughout the track, while letting the two rappers do there thing just like in the original, not really getting in the way of the rap verses themselves. Instead, Santi Junior and TNGHT focus on complimenting the verses with some sick synth rides, and a powerful hook to push things together nice and tight.

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