Thursday, August 16, 2012


If you've been sittin' around waitin' to see just what the fuck is going on with RUNdaTRAP...




Sunday, August 5, 2012


Aye yo! If you just take a quick glance to your right you'll notice a new poll I've put up, asking if you guys are satisfied with the way the site runs in terms of efficiency and allowing you to listen to all the songs I wish to share with you guys and gals? For me, many times, most of the songs don't even load when I load the front page or many times with single posts. I think it may have something to do with my laptop, but it really makes me wonder if this is happening to many of you and if it's really affecting your visits to this blog...

So let me know if the poll on the side, so I can figure how to fix any potential problem there may be...

- OGpistolpete

Friday, August 3, 2012



Talk about a truly in depth song. From the moment those first bird calls go out and the jungle comes alive, you can tell this one is just gonna be sick. Posted a little over a week ago, it's a remix of the song Roots by Kill The Noise, done wonderfully by an artist named Brillz. This one is just epic throughout, with beautiful horns rendered in to lead into the first tantalizing bass line. It's raw, gritty, but at the same time, perfect with the song. But things get faster and more action-packed about halfway through, leading into the second and final drop of the same flavor. Certainly, Certified. Trap. Shit. Unfortunately, this one's not avaliable for free download, but is avaliable by itself for $2.49 over on Beatport as a part of the Roots Remixed EP from Kill The Noise and Slow Roast Records. You can cop the entire six-track EP over at it's Beatport page as well for $10.99.

36Swords is the title of this next one, and features some awesome production from its creator, Nah Like. It's what the artist would like to call, a tribute to the greatness that is the Wu-Tang Clan, and is a pretty yummy juke trap track, featuring a very nice layout and flow throughout, while making use of some awesome Wu-Tang samples. This one's already got over 1000+ plays as this artist from Belgium continues to expose himself on the music scene.

This next one's got a bit of a gritty side to it as well, as Leisure provides us with a track called Clean Up which has a great traditional trapstep sound to it. The first drop has an alarming feel to it, while the second is a little more gentle. Leisure then decides to bring it back at the end with a third and final drop going back to the style of the first. Overall, a solid jam.

SwaggleRock is up next with a solid party rock remix of the song Sexy Trap On Acid from RL Grime's work done on the original phenomenon song Party Rock by LMFAO. While I for one have been sick of this song for awhile, SwaggleRock does a nice job taking this one and trappin' it up for a combination of trapstep and club music.

Here's a new one from TranscendTheMasses working alongside HighRoller$ with their new trapstep banger Touch Me. TranscendTheMasses certainly continues to evolve into an all-around artist, providing the lyrics for this one, and doing more than a fine job at it, giving the song a distinct feel. This sounds pretty nice with a cool drop coming early on, with my favorite part starting at the 1:11 mark. Must be good luck!

Gotta follow that with another banger, this one coming from David Heartbreak, who loc's out Skrillex's remix of the song Goin' In, originally by Birdy Nam Nam. The first drop comes in at 0:35, and is just jumpy as fuck. Totally awesome, gettin' your feet movin' and head bobbin'. He amps up the pitch right before one minute has passed, but damn, even the next drop is even better, with beautiful sampling and clipping work done by the artist. I highly expect you all to take this bad boy for yourself.

This next one's a thriller from BIGMAKK, with his future trapstep remix of Deep Is What You Need by Smash & Grab. It's got an interesting tone to it, with a deep and almost creepy feel throughout parts, but features a nice melodic break mid-way through. 

Trill is the name of the game when it comes to this next remix of the song 212 by Azealia Banks, produced by the artist Wicked Awesome. The original has always been a favorite of mine, and Wicked Awesome does a great job with this remix to add some trapstep flavor to an already bangin' song.

Here's the rest of what you should check out, cause I'm too damn lazy to do a little writeup for all the rest of these. Below you can check out some new stuff from Luminox, Alex Young, another remix of Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as an awesome trapstep track sampling Dave Chappelle's epic "FUCK YO COUCH NIGGUH" line from his classic show.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

[TRAP MIX] // Flosstradamus // B⚠NNED

Ayeee we got a new, sick ass trapstep mix from ya boy Flosstradamus, one of THE definitive trapstep artist. This next mix is short up to thirty minutes long, 15 song compilation of some great quality. It starts off with the song Dro Montana by Tom Richman, an old SoundCloud hit of months ago, which gives the mix a mystical and dreamwave feel to start things off. Of course it's only a matter of time before this mix goes towards the hip-hop vibe, starting off around the 6:36 mark with the sample from Bands Make Her Dance by Juicy J (hey I remember that song!) But I really he's got a nice mix of traditional trap hip-hop and some of his own songs including the now famous remix from Baauer and UZ's Test Me remix. Mos def gotta cop this bad boy...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DJ Fade // Bands Make Her Dance (Trapstep Remix)

Hey! I got another song from DJ Fade I just wanted you to catch up on, this one remixing the song Bands Make Her Dance by Juicy J, in what he calls a perfect combination of Jersey Club strip music and the growing genre of trapstep!



I don't know how this one slipped through my fingers, but The Vandal Squad recently put out a sick trapstep original called Simon Says, a funk tune with quirky samples, old school horns, and a chill house vibe to guide you through. With two sure fire drops (my favorite being the first), don't forget to add this one to your growing collection!

This track came out a week ago but I finally decided to post it for some reason. It's called Wild Horse from Willy Joy, an interesting almost organic feeling trap song at first, until a synth drops in at the 0:49 mark, and the vocals get a little more interesting. With a typical two-drop set, I wasn't too keen on the flick at first, but after a couple more listens I'm enjoying the jam more and more, with a wicked high-pitched drop at first, with a sick Daft Punk sample snuck in. The second drop is much similar, in both feature some interesting disc jocky work.

On the other hand, this track was one I was in love with from the start. It's from an artist called ▲lex Young, and gosh, I'd just like to say first I really hate the use of these stupid computer symbols like ▲ being used in artist names. Sure they look cool and make you look really "original" and hipster, but seriously, I've noticed most artists have learned that the use of these symbols just doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to interested fans searching for their music or sharing their work. One example of this I've seen comes from a brilliant young artist named, MORRI$, who actually changed his name on SoundCloud from M▲RRI$ to it's current incarnation, with a regular O. And I'm sure he'd be the first to back up this belief.

But anyways, this song is seriously hoppin'. It's got a sick bass to back-up the wide ranging samples used, with a hard-pounding hit to it, giving the song some real kick. "Here We Go Again" is the theme of this one, as it is a sample used as the vocal keys throughout this one. And Alex Young does a great job changing up the bit to keep things interesting and in theme with the song in production. The only thing I didn't really like was the instrument and tone of the synth used throughout the 1:30-1:53 mark, but right after that all is forgiven with another sick little drop with a real whoopy bass. I'm sure you'll all really like this track!

This next one is super-trappy, and that's always in a good way. It comes from the man Buzz Trillington, with another trapstep rendition to hit the airwaves. This one is titled I Do It for the Ratchets, with is the vocal clip sample that plays the vocal role. Trillington definitely provides a deep, gangsta feel to this one, with an example being the use of the gun-clock sample used throughout. A nice addition if you're looking for something a little dark.


Whatever that means, I'm not even sure if I'd call this one trapstep, but I like it too much not to include it in this edition of TRAP ATTACK. It's called Wekedano, and it's by an artist called Booty Hunt. The blog Acid Ted was happy enough to share them with their followers, and I would like to do the same. Also check out the remix uploaded with the original mix, done by SNAILS.

Another great piece of work comes from the artist KLEVER, with this latest jam titled DRESS TO IMPRESS. The production quality sounds high-def to me, an always welcome addition to any piece of trapstep in my opinion. This one features a powerful sample which gives the song it's title, while features great, technical snare work from the man himself. Once again, KLEVER continues to show he is one of the most consistent and satisfactory trapstep artists right now.

Now here's a sick fucking trapstep remix. The incredible artist Monolith takes the famous German euro-dance song, Kernkraft 400, which you've heard countless times at hockey games and other sporting events, but just didn't know the name of it. It's by a group called Zombie Nation, but Monolith completely transforms this one just as he does with other songs which he has remixed and uploaded. I highly suggest you check out his other work, because it's all very good, but I'm not going to post it because it's not trapstep, and this is a trapstep blog. On the other hand, you can enjoy the Kernkraft 400 remix down below. This one is a total sleeper! Thanks to Dodslectro for gettin' this guy's name out and doing an interview with him at their site.

This next song is an interesting one, completely in whatever language it's in, from the Moombahton artist LeDoom. This one's alongside Tony Mundaca, and it's called cumbiaTRON, and is certainly unique in it's own. It's got a half-dance vibe, half-dubstep approach to it, which would certainly create for a spectacle on the dance floor. But it definitely keeps you listening, and is a sure fire addition to your library.

Keepin' the foreign feel, this next song is from the artist A-Wax, who shows off his certain uniqueness and creativity and turning the song Tira O Pe by Buraka Som Sistema into his own trapstep mix. The original has seen a bit of work on the ropes with a few other remixes on the market, but has not touched the trapstep scene, until now with the help of A-Wax. Some of the song does sound like someone's waxing on and off, or maybe I'm just crazy...Do what you want with this bad boy, maybe you're creative enough to work it into your trapstep set.

Speakin' of moombahtrap, here's another track we didn't post despite it's upload two weeks ago. It's an awesome remix of the song Lapdance by N.E.R.D., done by Team Scoop. It's got a pretty nice layout, with one big drop in the middle, and then some more interesting artistry done in the latter half of the track. Not may favorite track in the world, but I don't know what the rest of the world likes either...

Our next song certainly takes it back to the American hip-hop way, with a dance vibe of it's own. This one's called Goin Down by Milo & Otis, and features a heavy dubstep influence within the drops to top off a pretty bangin' trapstep jam. Don't worry, this unoriginal mix doesn't forget the heavy snare on top of the dubstep whoops, and features use of the song It's Goin' Down by Yung Joc. You definitely gotta cop this bitch.

BEAR-TRAP is back with another sick trapstep jam. Upz N Downz is the theme of this one, although it's the longest single track he's produced and uploaded to date. Certainly a sign of improvement, you can hear that improvement as well as the depth of his songs continue to improve, as well as a wide range of abilities to break away from the same-old of one song and be able to create a variety of sounds, beats, and flavors which can combine for one track, as he has done with this one. It's also got a nice electro-bit added throughout with that beautiful synth-riff to carry things through. Great work, once again. Certified. Trap. Shit.

Ayeee, this one's bumpin' you know when you hear that "I whip my hair back and forth" sample from the Willow Smith song. This track is called Willows Theme from the artists DURD3N & Maskuerade, and is another great trapstep original. It's jumps right out at you with a loud beginning, and the action doesn't really stop throughout the song as both these DJs keep the bass loud and snares slippin'.

Damn son? Where'd ya find this?

Hell yeah we got a remix of Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs which has one of the classic beats to it. Alex Supremee and GBuck decide to get their hands dirty with this little trapstep remix runnin' at 2:51. While the song is slightly short, it's definitely sick as fuck as these two makes sick use of the original song to trap this one silly.

It's pretty fuckin' hard to fuck up a Daft Punk song, no matter what it is, when working on a remix. This song is not an example of any of that, although it is one of a Daft Punk remix. This time is a popular one, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, which keeps the trapstep treatment from Vass. This one is an awesome remix, and as expected, makes great use of the original which seems to lend itself well, I would think, to a trapstep remix when any attempt it. Definitely cop this one if I may say so myself.

I just have to post another Daft Punk trapstep remix right after the other, because you gotta have them together I say! This one is a remix of Technologic by J-LAH, a nearly three-minute jam with nice snare work at the start, followed by two drops and some good work of the original techno hit.

Here's another awesome original, called Face Down by the artist called Maker, out of Chicago, IL. He has an upcoming trapstep EP set to drop August 7th, called Money Fight, which will certainly introduce the whole trapstep scene to another up-and-coming artist serious about the genre. This song is just an taste of what's to come, and definitely gets the hopes up. This guys looks like he knows what he's down, and its apparent with the sick work done with the change of pace at the 2:55 mark of this one. Certified. Trap. Shit.

This one mos def has an indie feel to it, but that's alright cause that's some of my favorite kind of trap work. It's a song called Make This, originally by Kashii but this is a "London Flexin'" remix done by High Klassified. This one has some interesting sounds, samples, and instruments you may not have heard, and perhaps will inspire not only some inspiration, but also the will to support this guy's music!

Below is a bunch of other songs I'd like to share as well. Don't forget to check these out too!