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Talk about a truly in depth song. From the moment those first bird calls go out and the jungle comes alive, you can tell this one is just gonna be sick. Posted a little over a week ago, it's a remix of the song Roots by Kill The Noise, done wonderfully by an artist named Brillz. This one is just epic throughout, with beautiful horns rendered in to lead into the first tantalizing bass line. It's raw, gritty, but at the same time, perfect with the song. But things get faster and more action-packed about halfway through, leading into the second and final drop of the same flavor. Certainly, Certified. Trap. Shit. Unfortunately, this one's not avaliable for free download, but is avaliable by itself for $2.49 over on Beatport as a part of the Roots Remixed EP from Kill The Noise and Slow Roast Records. You can cop the entire six-track EP over at it's Beatport page as well for $10.99.

36Swords is the title of this next one, and features some awesome production from its creator, Nah Like. It's what the artist would like to call, a tribute to the greatness that is the Wu-Tang Clan, and is a pretty yummy juke trap track, featuring a very nice layout and flow throughout, while making use of some awesome Wu-Tang samples. This one's already got over 1000+ plays as this artist from Belgium continues to expose himself on the music scene.

This next one's got a bit of a gritty side to it as well, as Leisure provides us with a track called Clean Up which has a great traditional trapstep sound to it. The first drop has an alarming feel to it, while the second is a little more gentle. Leisure then decides to bring it back at the end with a third and final drop going back to the style of the first. Overall, a solid jam.

SwaggleRock is up next with a solid party rock remix of the song Sexy Trap On Acid from RL Grime's work done on the original phenomenon song Party Rock by LMFAO. While I for one have been sick of this song for awhile, SwaggleRock does a nice job taking this one and trappin' it up for a combination of trapstep and club music.

Here's a new one from TranscendTheMasses working alongside HighRoller$ with their new trapstep banger Touch Me. TranscendTheMasses certainly continues to evolve into an all-around artist, providing the lyrics for this one, and doing more than a fine job at it, giving the song a distinct feel. This sounds pretty nice with a cool drop coming early on, with my favorite part starting at the 1:11 mark. Must be good luck!

Gotta follow that with another banger, this one coming from David Heartbreak, who loc's out Skrillex's remix of the song Goin' In, originally by Birdy Nam Nam. The first drop comes in at 0:35, and is just jumpy as fuck. Totally awesome, gettin' your feet movin' and head bobbin'. He amps up the pitch right before one minute has passed, but damn, even the next drop is even better, with beautiful sampling and clipping work done by the artist. I highly expect you all to take this bad boy for yourself.

This next one's a thriller from BIGMAKK, with his future trapstep remix of Deep Is What You Need by Smash & Grab. It's got an interesting tone to it, with a deep and almost creepy feel throughout parts, but features a nice melodic break mid-way through. 

Trill is the name of the game when it comes to this next remix of the song 212 by Azealia Banks, produced by the artist Wicked Awesome. The original has always been a favorite of mine, and Wicked Awesome does a great job with this remix to add some trapstep flavor to an already bangin' song.

Here's the rest of what you should check out, cause I'm too damn lazy to do a little writeup for all the rest of these. Below you can check out some new stuff from Luminox, Alex Young, another remix of Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as an awesome trapstep track sampling Dave Chappelle's epic "FUCK YO COUCH NIGGUH" line from his classic show.

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